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We create tailor made human experiences with our clients to support the conscious transformation of their organization for deep and sustainable results.

At Humanaya we design unique experiences to support our clients lead the transformation of their organizations with mindfulness and serenity.

Our intention is to co-create with you a new space of opportunities and evolution. Our journey together will be centered around enabling your organization to reconnect with its purpose in order to achieve sustainable and deep results and succeed.

We work with organizations of all sizes, from growing startups to established companies and universities. According to your needs we can provide our services online and / or on site for Europe-based organizations.


The solutions we offer aspiring purpose-led organizations worldwide are as follows.








Shifting an organization starts with aligned executives, dedicated to align their organizations. In our executive coaching, we help executives identify what is important to increase their impact within their organization and how they can influence sustainable change. 


Executive coaching with Humanaya guides your organization’s leaders through the shift to becoming a new generation business – a business with a sustainable structure and vision for the future, a business with values and purpose integrated into every aspect of what they do. 


When leaders are inspired by what their organization aims to accomplish in this world, real change starts. Executives are vital to influencing the purpose-driven change across systems, human capital, development, innovation, culture, and an inclusive brand. 
In our executive coaching, passionate members of our inspired team support executives within your organization develop their leadership, increase their performance and positively impact people and organization.

After executive coaching with Humanaya, leaders will be eager to influence the change their organization needs to become a thriving brand – one that’s proud of their purpose and how they accomplish it. 



Combining executive and team coaching, twin coaching allows for amplified learning and development across all of an organization’s human capital – leadership and employees. When all members of an organization understand the organization’s purpose, and how that purpose impacts them and their day-to-day, that organization becomes one that cannot be rivaled with.

Alignment among the entirety of your human capital is vital to your business becoming the human-centric, purposeful organization that will thrive well into the future. By taking advantage of our twin coaching, you are able to assure alignment among the assets most important to your organization – your people.


Twin coaching is the combination of executive and team coaching, amplifying learning by allowing leaders and employees understand how they can be part of your unparalleled mission – the mission that derives from the thoughtful purpose driving your organization’s existence in the vast world.


New generation businesses not only take a clear stance with their purpose, vision, and values, but they embody them with everything that they do. Twin coaching enables leaders to gain the tools they need to influence and develop their teams in alignment with your purpose, while engaging employees in the exciting shift that is happening not around them, but with them playing an active role.



Redesigning an entire organization around your purpose takes intention and the help of conscious facilitators with a strong background in terms of both human and organizational transformation to make it a sucess.


In our design thinking sessions, we help you confidently redesign your organization with your purpose and people at the core to ensure an alignment between your foundations, your value proposition, your business model and people engaged with your brands - your clients, your employees and your business partners.



A building is only as strong as its foundation. Our design thinking sessions are where we help our clients build a sound foundation for their organization, restructured around the soul and purpose of their business.


When an organization is focused on their mission, with their purpose at the core of everything they do, every step into the future becomes easier to navigate. Unknowns become clearer because you have a guiding light taking your organization, and the people within it, in the right direction – that is the magic of building a purpose-driven, sustainable, business model.

In times of uncertainty, having solid oundations make the difference and helps turning risks into opportunities while building resiliency.


Allow us to help you create the roadmap you need now, and into the future, in a design thinking session.


At Humanaya we believe that what makes the soul and success of organizations are humans.  For this reason, unleashing full human potential is key to support an organization's sustainable growth.

People choose to work for organizations' which allow them serve their purpose while contributing to a higher mission: the organization's one. Creating value and contribution to the world evolution is a common purpose. The organization enables this purpose to be served.

That's why at Humanaya, we focus with our clients to continously support  their teams to grow, learrn and develop personnally. Employees' fulfillment and happiness at work has a direct impact on the energy at work and the results.

We provide professional team coaching, online  learning, training and personal development programs to support people within your organization develop their talents, their soft skills and unleash their full potential. Our services are in particular designed to support leadership development, emotional intelligence raising and purpose reconnection at work. 

Our virtual, in-person, or hybrid services are hosted by intentionally matched coaches that are eager to use their unique background to aid in building the powerful future of your organization – one you are only capable of achieving with highly inspired, creative, and engaged human capital.

To be successful, investing on people's talents development and and learning programs are key. We are to help you and your team on this journey.

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Learning and Development


Human development is vital to furthering your organization because your organization is only as effective and innovative as the humans behind your brand. Humans need to feel like they are consistently growing and morphing into a higher version of themselves, and organizations can foster that growth through new approaches.​

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With a focus on soft skill development like building Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness, and developing Leadership & Creativity in the Workplace, we design 1-day "Unleash your potential" workshops which combine team coaching and another practice such as dance, theater, photograpy or meditation. Our workshops take place in presential - Paris mainly (contact us for more information) and online.

Our workshops are co-animated by a professional coach and an expert of the other practice chosen to build a new space for your employees to explore their potential from a different perspective and to increase their confidence to release their talents.

Customizing our support to your unique needs, we offer tailored training and workshops for any grouping of employees in your organization to further develop soft skills and reconnect with their talents.

Unleash your ptential workshop
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