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 For a conscious transformation of your organization and

a sustainable growth.


What is your organization’s purpose?

How is that purpose integrated into your organizational model and corporate culture?

How do you link purpose and performance?  

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Those are the questions Humanaya will help you answer to support consciously the transformation of your organization towards a deep and sustainable growth.

The business environment is shifting. It needed to. People drove that change because they were craving something different, something more authentic. No longer are the days when products or services are the main selling point for an organization. Organizations now need to question themselves about their true reason of being and differentiate themselves with their unicity and authenticity. Those are the ingredients that will drive all of your future success.

Our mission is to support conscious organizational transformations that contribute to a purpose-driven and sustainable world.


Our events are designed for business leaders, C-level executives and purpose-driven entrepreneurs who want to support consciously the transformation of their organizations by learning and connecting with Humanaya and our experts around the world.

(Recordings available)

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“And suddenly you know:

It's time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings.”

 Meister Eckhart 

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In our perspective, shifting your organization to new paradigm standards goes into 3 main phases:

1/ Build the foundations by reconnecting your organization to the purpose served,

2/ Raise the branches through the (re)design of your organizational & business model around the purpose served,

3/ Anchor your organization's growth through the set up of soulful and leadership corporate cultures.

Humanaya gathers a collective of conscious facilitators, change management specialists and creatives to co-create with you the best conditions for your organization's conscious transformation.


We build tailor made experiences for our clients to co-create together consciously the future of their organization and answer the current challenges you are facing.

Hiking in Sunset

“Leading an organization is as much about soul as it is about systems."

 Herb Kelleher 

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